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Erleben Sie komprimiert in unserer Focus & Contact Evaluation Session neue Technologien und Innovationen. Startup-Ideen, die zugeschnitten sind auf Ihre Suchfelder. Komprimiert und live on stage!

Alles beginnt mit einem Gespräch

Ein kleiner Schritt für Sie, vielleicht ein großer für Ihr Unternehmen. Vereinbaren Sie One2Ones mit den Startups aus den Elevator Pitches des ersten Konferenztages und loten Sie Chancen einer Kooperation aus.

Start Ups

IPlytics entwickelt ein online-basiertes Market Intelligence Tool: IPlytics Platform. Mit wenigen Klicks können Nutzer Trends zu Technologien über beispielsweise Patente, Forschungsartikel, M&A Deals, Industrieallianzen oder Standards für relevante Märkte analysieren. Über intelligente Berechnungen und Visualisierungen verschafft IPlytics seinen Kunden einen 360 Grad Überblick auf aktuelle, weltweite Marktentwicklungen und ermöglicht ein langfristiges Monitoring von Technologietrends und Marktverschiebungen.


Renumics offers its customers unprecedented Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) automation capabilities by combining proprietary machine learning methods with a scalable open source CAE workflow engine. Where conventional CAE automation is limited in terms of high customization expenses, complex interfaces and the need for manual work, the Renumics CAE platform provides a highly modular system, web-based interfaces and lights-out CAE automation. Renumics’ technology reduces the required man-hours to simulate design variations, cuts license costs and ultimately makes product-specific simulation tools available to non-experts. Building on years of award winning research results at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Renumics is led by experienced simulation and A.I. experts.


Constant disruption is the new normal for every corporation. New players enter from diverse industries; new business models emerge and vanish regularly; and the next technology that calls everything into question is certain to come. We monitor the trends that transform your industry and discover the startups that your company should fight, partner with or invest in. We apply and build cutting-edge data mining, natural language processing and search-indexing technology to structure the world’s tech knowledge. Our latest releases are 12K FILTER, a smart aggregator for tech news and 12K INDEX, a tech media attention analyzer.


Jovoto is an open innovation platform that helps brands and NGOs to crowdstorm (brainstorm at internet scale) with more than 80 000 creative professionals from around the world, to solve their biggest challenges. To date, jovoto has successfully organized more than 380 crowdstorms for global organizations such as Coca-Cola, Audi, and Greenpeace, reaching millions of people in the process.


At Sensorberg we believe that IoT must be as simple, affordable and fast as consumer technology itself. We combine standard hardware with a powerful enterprise cloud solutions allowing IoT use cases on-the-fly. Sensorberg offers an IoT Enterprise Platform, which enables businesses for simple, affordable and fast IoT use cases. Based on the most meaningful location technologies (e.g. Bluetooth, RFID, Geofences, QR Codes or WiFi), we boost the Digital Transformation of various industries. Our enterprise-grade solution enables secure, contextual and location-based services, business model transparency and advanced offline analytics for companies of all sizes.


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